Saturday, May 2, 2009

mood damn good XD

stupid subway salad cost me 260rupees!

boleh tengok itu worms?XD

orange shirt-edwin,and antony bside

hardeeps hand n hui yi's

mahe library

HOLIDAYS~~!! ^^ 30th Apr - 3rd May

3oth apr was a holiday here thk bcz thrs some election going on.

1st May Labour Day la..

and since 3rd May is Sunday..and india has some sorta Sandwich Holiday Rule--which means da day lies in between 2 days which are also holidays, wil bcome holiday as well!!!ngekngek syiok gila..

at least sum time for us to rest la...b4 dat i thk da 7 of us would hv been shouting within ourselves..--GIVE US A BREAK LA?!!!!damn can u imagine us finishin 1 block in 6 weeks instead of 10???CRAZYYYYY..

mom...2 weeks later wil b our block test ad!!!!!omggg cant wait to go bk HOME T___T

despite of the holidays the N7 SERIES stil had the PBL presentation (anat-footdrop) goin on this morning..AND THE TUTOR WAS VK XDDD

evry1 was tensed up..hui yi n li ling were in my room til 2++am..

morning woke up hafal together oso..wat nerve cause wat movement la..wat muscles supplied by the nerve la..which was the ANTERIOR AND LATERAL COMPARTMENT OF THE LEG SUPPLIED BY COMMON PERONEAL NERVE.

man i got chosen to present da lateral compartment of the leg..all fucked up!!!!!

''the peroneus longus gives out 4 tendons which attach to the 4 lateral toes..$%^&^%$ XDD''

gues those who knows sure laughin haf dead la..=.=''forever wil rmb la..

but wat was unexpected was..vk said our presentation was quite good.. RELI OMG O.o''

damn happy leh..and wat was reli funny was that he said wat he wants is da skill we present instead of blastin out da facts to show how much u know.and he said edwin's presentation was the best cz he knows how to speak well thou HE STUDIES THE LEAST ..BWAhahahahahah omg whole grp burst out laughin!!!XDDDDDDDDDDhehe and he blushed lolxx face damn red.

cz he oni did da introduction part..haha INTRO oni leh..!damn

b4 the presentation we had a meeting at coffee day,a cafe at the MAHE library.

din reli discuss fact watchin edwin n antony playin WORMs..(dun reli know wat game it is..)the game was team N7 SERIES vs LECTURERS ..haha they put our name on each worm,and 7 other lecturers name on the other worms..BWAHAHAHHAH damn funny! kc left early, the other 6 of us stayed at da cafe..WATCHIN THE 2 GUYS PLAYIN WORMS.and condition was like watchin football shoutin here shoutin thr laughters of course^^ and the whole game was about dis worm's turn to attack the other hardeep using a firegun to shoot dr.barathi.but the 14 worms were sorta near to each other so da near ones would kena oso.once edwin wanted to shoot but ended up da fire dropped on his own(i mean his name) LOL LAUGHED LIKE HELL..its reli stupid la..HAHA but dats our only entertainment here heh~was quite fun watchin da whole game~love N7 series!oh ya..n hardeep was da winner heh!

nx week wil b hvin 2nd anat test and physio SDL test..and biochem PBL presentation!

week after next..biochem class test and 3rd anat test..CHI SIN!!!!=.=''

thn the followin week..BLOCK TEST..wat else best to describe other thn INSANITY*&^&#$%^*&

wish me luck lar..btw 2day moods quite good..thx to VK..hehe buck up ppl!!

called grdma 2day..happie~^^

India time: 7.05pm

owh...btw happy birthday lao ban!!!