Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Hate This Part Right Here.

thr's only 1 conclusion..
*Batch 2_ sucks*
But actually can't be blamed to be self-centred
who doesn't
but then I mean..
Eh c'mon la
Whn Im reli facing a prob and
UR the 1 who can help me w the problem
but ur NOT saying a word and act lik thrs nth happening..
And its even harder to find a confider
cz every1 is like super-superficial here.
especially this
batch.wat the hell is wrong w this batch la???
U won't know at which milisecond ur secret wil b revealed to EVRYONE here.
Wna seek a true friend in uni?
k la mayb few.
Fucking pissed now.

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